Floating Crane Tugs and Barges Shipyard
PT. Pelayaran Mitra Kaltim Samudera

Office Address

  • Jl. Hasan Basri No 52.
  • Samarinda 75117
  • East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • T: +62 (541) 733847 / 733852
  • F: +62 (541) 733813
  • Email: admin@mksshipping.com

Registered Address

  • Jl. Mulawarman No 9,
  • Samarinda 75112
  • East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Shipyard Address

  • Jl. Olah Bebaya RT. 03 Pulau Atas
  • Kecamatan Sambutan, Samarinda
  • T: +62 (541) 6242840 / 6242841
  • F: +62 (541) 6242839
  • Email: dock@mksshipping.com


shipyardHaving a large fleet of tugboats and barges has proven to be deficient without the support of a proficient shipyard. For this reason MKS Shipyard which has the complete support of a safe berthing area, a large docking area outfitted with gantry cranes, a well equipped workshop and qualified Quality Control personnel, has been able to continually increase our operational efficiency and effectiveness in serving the consumer demand not only in ship-chartering but also in other areas such as in ship-building, ship-repair, and other marine related services.

Our Main Services

  • Shipbuilding of Tugboats and Barges
  • Repairing of various types of vessels
  • Launching and Docking services of tugs and barges
  • Fabricating  and Assembling
  • Overhauling of Marine Engine
  • Marine Shafting of Stern Tubes and Rudders
  • Blasting and Painting